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Hunter Biden indicted on NINE tax charges: President Biden's son is accused of spending

The Department of Justice has filed new criminal charges against U.S. President Joe Biden's son, Hunter, CNN reported on Thursday, citing people briefed on the matter. CNN said the exact nature of the charges wasn't immediately clear because the court documents had not yet been made public. Hunter Biden in October pleaded not guilty to charges that he lied about his drug use while buying a handgun, in the first criminal prosecution of a sitting U.S. president's child.


Megyn Kelly reveals what Chris Christie REALLY told her during their heated off-air debate confrontation - and why it took 17 minutes to get to candidate that is 'polling at 2%'

Megyn Kelly on Thursday revealed what former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said to her during a heated off-air confrontation during Wednesday night's Republican primary debate. An audience member captured video of Christie walking up to Kelly and the two other debate moderators after his slapdown with rival Vivek Ramaswamy over comments the entrepreneur made onstage about former U.N. Amb. Nikki Haley, another 2024 GOP hopeful. Kelly said that Christie was 'p***ed.' 'All over the internet last night was a video that went viral of somebody in the balcony filming Chris Christie coming over to yours truly during a break at the end of the first hour and kind of getting up in my grill,' she said. Christie, she said, was 'mad that he wasn't getting enough questions,' to which Kelly pointed out to her SiriusXM audience, 'he's polling at 2 percent!' 

Grace Jabbari (left) sobbed on the stand during cross examination in her third day testifying in the Jonathan Majors (right) assault trial.

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One Life to Live star Ellen Holly has passed away at 92. The actress, who was the first Black soap opera star, died on Wednesday at Cavalry Hospital in the Bronx, New York.

Katie Cox is 20 weeks pregnant and doctors say her fetus has a fatal diagnosis. On Thursday, a Democratic judge ruled she can get an abortion despite Texas law.

Recent estimates show that Americans plan to spend almost $1000 on Christmas gifts this year - $100 more than last year's average.

A total of 4 million people tuned into the fourth presidential debate, which aired Wednesday night on NewsNation and CW. That was down from the 7.5 million who watched the third debate.

EXCLUSIVE The world is watching - fire these hateful presidents NOW: Congresswoman ELISE STEFANIK shamed three top college bosses in the infamous Jewish genocide row... Here she writes for DailyMail.com to make her unswerving demand

Ask yourself one simple question: should calling for the genocide of Jews be considered harassment and bullying? Anyone with a sliver of decency knows the answer is emphatically 'Yes'. Yet when the university presidents of Harvard, MIT and Upenn testified this week under oath to Congress as I questioned them over the rampant and unabated antisemitism infecting their institutions, I could barely believe what I was hearing. Rightly, their moral depravity has shocked the world. I asked each of the three presidents - Claudine Gay (Harvard), Sally Kornblut (MIT), Elizabeth Magill (Upenn) - a simply question, one that a child let alone the leader of one of our finest universities could have answered. Does 'calling for the genocide of Jews' fall foul of their respective institutions' codes of conduct? Each of them squirmed and evaded...

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Following the horrific mass shooting at the UNLV campus on Wednesday, former students of the gunman Tony Polito have revealed he had an 'odd fixation' on Las Vegas despite not living there.

The first victims of the horrific University of Nevada mass shooting have been identified as a professor and assistant professor at the college's Las Vegas campus.

Forest Whitaker's ex-wife Keisha Nash-Whitaker dead at 51 after years-long anorexia

Keisha Nash Whitaker, the ex-wife of actor Forest Whitaker, has died at the age of 51, following a battle with anorexia. The former couple's daughter True Whitaker, 25, confirmed the tragic news on her Instagram account Thursday, calling her 'the most beautiful woman in the world' in a heartbreaking post, but did not elaborate on the cause of death.  A source tells DailyMail.com that Nash-Whitaker died earlier this week after being in and out of hospital for the past few months with intestinal problems, following a years-long battle with anorexia. 

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An 82-year-old TikTok-famous grandmother who looks like she is her 40s has shocked the internet after revealing her real age, and has shared how she keeps herself looking so young.


Kodak was one of over 140 people granted pardons on Trump's last full day as president. In return Kodak has repeatedly endorsed the former president.

Lauren Sánchez flashes serious side boob in a playful halter top as she arrives

Sánchez has flashed some serious side boob in a playful star-emblazoned halter top as she arrived hand-in-hand with her Amazon billionaire fiancé, Bezos, ahead of the Art Basel exhibition in Miami. The loved-up couple stepped out on Thursday morning with Sánchez's 22-year-old son Nikko, who she shares with her ex-husband and former NFL star Tony Gonzalez. Sánchez, 53, appeared to be wearing her pink diamond engagement ring that Bezos, 59, presented to her this past summer on his $500 million superyacht Koru. At one point, the pair rode the escalator together as Sánchez appeared to give Bezos's behind a cheeky squeeze as she smiled up at him.


There had been increasing speculation over the past few weeks that the two-time major winner would defect to Greg Norman's rebel circuit and the move reportedly is now a done deal.


Lizbeth Medina, 16, was found dead by her mother in her apartment in Edna, Texas. Her mother, Jacquelin said that her daughter never showed up to a Christmas parade she was supposed to be at.

A blind psychic, who reportedly predicted 9/11, made a prediction for this year before she died 27 years ago. She also supposedly foresaw the Covid-19 pandemic and her own death in 1996.


Wayne Murray of Brooklyn scored $10 million from a scratch-off ticket this week, just over a year after he won his first $10 million playing the New York Lottery.

Dozens of Palestinians 'are captured by IDF, stripped and paraded around Gaza'

Shocking footage shared by Israeli media appears to show Israel Defence Forces (IDF) troops rounding up scores of men and transporting them on the back of trucks. The men allegedly surrendered in the Jabalia refugee camp and other areas around northern Gaza, with Israeli outlet Walla saying they were stripped 'to rule out the possibility that they were carrying weapons'. Dozens of captives are reported to have been paraded through Palestine Square in Gaza City, with shoes and sandals strewn across the street in one image as the men were publicly humiliated. When asked about the images, IDF spokesman Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari seemed to confirm that the men had been taken prisoner but did not clarify whether those pictured were members of Hamas or civilians.

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The Columbia Social Workers 4 Palestine event which was banned by Columbia's administration went ahead on Wednesday in the lobby of the School of Social Work.

EXCLUSIVE 'Lady in red' seen around the world in iconic image from Nova festival terror attack reveals astonishing story of her survival, seeing her friends killed and how her daughter 'foresaw danger'... as she dons famous shawl again for the first time

She became known as the lady in red and was one of the most hauntingly iconic images from the October 7 massacre. A young woman, running for her life, fear etched on her face as twisted Hamas gunmen targeted the Nova rave festival in the early hours slaughtering at least 340 and taking 40 people hostage. The last time she was seen, she wore a red shawl over her shoulders, and was surrounded by dozens of other terrified festival goers frantically running for safety. For weeks the world has wondered if she made it, whether she was alive or dead. Now MailOnline has found her and, for the first time, Vlada Patapov - a 25-year-old Ukrainian-born mother of one - tells her story.

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Congress will launch an investigation into Harvard University, MIT, and the University of Pennsylvania following their presidents' failure to condemn students calling for a Jewish genocide.

The billionaire hedge funder has been heavily involved in the debate after expressing his views about Gay clearly on social media and calling for her resignation.

Rabbi sensationally QUITS Harvard's antisemitism taskforce because 'the ideology that grips far too many students and faculty ... is evil': 'Ignoring Jewish suffering is evil'

David Wolpe, who was appointed to the eight-member antisemitism taskforce created by Harvard's president in October, said on Thursday he realized he could not 'make the sort of difference I had hoped'. Wolpe, a visiting scholar at the Harvard Divinity School and the ADL's rabbinic fellow, said antisemitism was 'endemic' and decried the 'herd mentality'. He wrote on X: 'We are at a moment when the toxicity of intellectual slovenliness has been laid bare for all to see.' His resignation came two days after Gay and two other university presidents - MIT and the University of Pennsylvania - gave stuttering testimony before a Congressional committee, equivocating on whether calls for the genocide of Jews would be considered hate speech and harassment. 'Belittling or denying the Jewish experience, including unspeakable atrocities, is a vast and continuing catastrophe,' he said.

Ross Stevens, the founder and CEO of New York-based Stone Ridge Asset Management, said he was appalled by Penn's response to the ongoing antisemitism.


A plane with the banner 'Harvard Hates Jews' coupled with a Palestinian flag has been spotted circling Harvard University's campus ahead of the first night of Chanukah.

Inside McDonald's new Illinois CosMc's: DailyMail.com visits new store to sample its

McDonald's superfans lined up for the opening of its new CosMc restaurant this morning after details of its menu were unveiled yesterday. The much-anticipated spin-off store, in Bolingbrook, Illinois, opened its doors Thursday to welcome in local Mayor Mary Alexander-Basta. The new brand - named after the chain's alien mascot in the 1980s and early 90s - appears to be emulating Starbucks with its range of colorful drinks including a Churro Frappe, Popping Pear Slush and a Berry Hibiscus sour-ade. Food items include the spicy queso sandwich and creamy avocado tomatillo sandwich. DailyMail.com attended the opening of the new restaurant where lines of excited fans were waiting outside.

A California resident died after drinking tap water contaminated with a deadly bacteria and more than a dozen people contracted Legionnaires' disease linked to a poorly-maintained water system.


REVEALED: University of Nevada gunman Anthony Polito, 67, was armed with 9mm handgun and

Anthony Polito, a 67-year-old business professor, mailed letters to 22 university staff members across the country who had rejected him for jobs before opening fire on Wednesday, killing three. At least one of the letters had 'white powder' in it, the sheriff said. Polito, 67, died on Wednesday in a shootout with police after murdering three teachers. Polito had a legally-purchased 9mm handgun and 11 loaded magazines on him when he died.

The son of Senator Kevin Cramer was charged Thursday with manslaughter and fleeing an officer after a police pursuit ended in a crash that killed a North Dakota sheriff's deputy.

Disney fan who spent a staggering $2,500 on a meal for four at Florida park's 'most expensive restaurant' reveals whether the eye-wateringly pricey dinner was REALLY worthwhile

Bethany Vinton, from Oregon, is a Disney food taste tester and has lifted the lid on what it was like to dine at the Orlando theme park's 'most expensive restaurant' - and if the more than $600 price tag was worth it. She is a Disney connoisseur and the host of The Main St. Dish podcast - where she rates all the food stops at the theme parks. In addition to raving about her favorite meals on her podcast, she also shares footage of dishes on her TikTok account, where she boasts more than 383,000 followers. Recently, Bethany took to the video-sharing platform to detail her dining experience at Victoria & Albert's - the most costly restaurant at Orlando's Disney World - and revealed she and her three pals spent a whopping $2,449 on food and wine alone.


Elon Musk demands Disney's Bob Iger resign after pulling ads from X - after telling him

Elon Musk took to X to hit out at Bob Iger and call for his immediate resignation after the Disney CEO pulled adverts from his platform. The tirade came after X users pointed out Disney is still partnering with Meta, despite the social media platform and founder Mark Zuckerberg facing legal action over 'failing' to clamp down on child abuse on Facebook and Instagram.

The decision, aired by State Treasurer Curtis Loftis, will see $105million of Disney debt instruments the state previously had in place repaid with interest, and not be replaced.

Wyoming locals fiercely oppose the potential sale of the pristine Kelly Parcel, in Grand Teton National Park but state officials hope it will force the feds to step up and buy the land for conservation.

The U.S. is no longer the leader in technology and science, with 75% of STEM-related workers saying China will become the leader within five years, according to a new report.

'Doomsday Cult' mom Lori Vallow is back in court as she faces two charges of conspiracy to murder her relatives as she descended into violent religious fanaticism. 

Vivek is toast - and even Christie won't eat it! KENNEDY's acid-tongued verdict on the

Vivek, what the hell happened?! For a candidate who ran such a disciplined early campaign, it is clear after last night's final Republican primary runoff that he's devolved into the Marjorie Taylor Greene of the debate stage, with an even longer laundry list of conspiracies. The nation cheered as Chris Christie - a political whale who's clearly resigned himself to swim back to the sea of elder statesmanship - put the pugnacious brat on blast as a neophyte 'jack***' to which Vivek told him to go have a nice meal. Listen, I love a Christie corpulence joke as much as the next person, but that cheapest of cheap shots said so much about unruly Ramaswamy's collapsing campaign. Christie - who had a surprisingly good night - wasn't done. His defining moment came as he swooped to Nikki Haley's defense after rabid Ramaswamy challenged her like a playground bully to name the regions of eastern Ukraine, the not-so-subtle subtext being that she doesn't have a grasp on basic geography.

'Look at that face. Looks like you shot his dog': Megyn Kelly debate panel is caught on hot mic mocking Ron DeSantis' expression after opening question about him burning through campaign cash and still trailing Trump

Megyn Kelly 's post-debate SiriusXM panel was caught mocking and laughing at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ' expression while a clip was played showing her asking him about his 'electability' at Wednesday night's GOP debate in Alabama. Kelly was one of the trio of debate moderators at the Tuscaloosa debate and pointed out to DeSantis that he was still lagging behind former President Donald Trump despite his campaign and super PAC having 'spent the most money' and 'the most high net-worth donors.'

The 41-year-old was one of dozens of wealthy Biden supporters named as a co-host of the event in LA on Friday. But his name now has been quietly dropped from the lineup amid sexual assault allegations.

Melania Trump 's top choice for vice president is Tucker Carlson. The former first lady likes the idea of Carlson because he could be a 'powerful onstage extension of her husband,' Axios reported.


Las Vegas teacher sobs as she shares her students' heartbreaking Christmas wishes - including one who asked for a 'bag of chips so I won't feel hungry' and another who wants 'slippers to protect me from the cold'

Cheri Guy, an English teacher at Desert Pines High School, Las Vegas, took to TikTok with the candid clip. She read some of the wishes aloud which included a 'bag of chips so I won't feel hungry' and 'slippers to protect me from the cold.' And other social media users were quick to flood the comments with their support. In the clip, which has so far been viewed more than 90,000 times, Cheri sat in an office as she addressed her followers. She began: 'Okay, I'm gonna try to get through this without getting emotional....'


David Dewitt, 51, was arrested Tuesday morning in Norman, Oklahoma, after he allegedly beat a clerk to a 'battered and bloody' state at an adult store.

The hacking campaign was overseen by a clandestine group known as 'Callisto Group', based within the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) cyber unit Center 18, according to an indictment.

Christmas Eve with Kate! Princess of Wales invites fans to tune into her 'special carol service' in teaser clip for the Royal Carols: Together At Christmas

The service, hosted by Kate, is due to take place at the abbey in central London on Friday, and will be broadcast on ITV1 and ITVX on Christmas Eve at 7.45pm. A teaser clip for the Royal Carols: Together At Christmas programme featuring the royal mother-of-three aired on ITV1 at 9.45pm on Thursday. In it, Kate, sporting a £420 Self Portrait sequin jacket, says: 'Join me this Christmas Eve for a special carol service, as we say a heartfelt thank-you to all those supporting the very youngest members of our society during those crucial early years.' The service, supported by The Royal Foundation, will honour those who work to support babies, young children and families in communities across the UK.

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The Duchess of Sussex signed with WME mega-agent Ari Emanuel whose roster includes Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson , tennis star Serena Williams and other A-Listers.

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His royal hugness: Heartwarming moment Prince William surprises woman on the street during charity walk in memory of her daughter, 16, who took her life

In a video on Facebook, Emma Webb received the shock of her life when the Prince of Wales appeared out of nowhere to join her on day 13 of a fundraising trek from Wales to London. The mother, who lost her daughter, a promising equestrian, Brodie, at age 16 to suicide in March 2020, embarked on the walk to raise awareness regarding the stigma surrounding young people and mental health. (Pictured: Emma Webb alongside her friends and Prince William)

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Harry and Meghan should be stripped of their titles as Duke and Duchess of Sussex to prevent further damage to the monarchy, according to Richard Eden.


Her Majesty, 75, put on a cheerful display at the exhibition's opening and appeared delighted while enjoying the scent of a striking yellow bunch of flowers in London today.

Chevy Chase, 80, FALLS OFF STAGE at National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation event after arriving onstage in a wheelchair - one day after insisting he's in 'amazing' shape

Chevy Chase shocked fans when he fell off the stage during a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation Q&A in Buffalo, NY on Wednesday. The actor, 80, who recently insisted he was in 'amazing' health' looked cheery as he attended the screening, with the star arriving onstage in a wheelchair before walking towards the crowd at Shea's Performing Arts Center.

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Moment man dressed as a PIRATE destroys 5,000 gallons of white wine worth $600,000 in Washington cellar before disappearing into the darkness

CCTV footage caught the eerie moment a mysterious man in a pirate outfit nonchalantly strolled into Sparkman Cellars in Woodinville, Washington, late at night on Thanksgiving Eve. Security cameras from inside the cellar caught the same figure creeping around the stock room of the cellar at 10:30 pm. Video from the warehouse that contained barrels of wine showed the dramatic moment that gallons of the artisan hand-crafted white wine began to flood out and spill all over the ground. The Sparkman family estimated that almost 5,000 gallons of wine - amounting to $600,000 were wasted during the mysterious figure's lawlessness.

Rouse's surviving son Kristoffer was 170 miles away and asleep when he received a text message from his father at 8.30am on Sunday confessing he had 'harmed' others in the house.

Harrowing new footage of a little girl covered in blood amid the Uvalde school shooting has emerged, along with a video of children escaping through classroom windows.

Kim Kardashian's Instagram flooded with snake emojis after Taylor Swift's bombshell

Kim Kardashian has been flooded with snake emojis in her Instagram comments  after Taylor Swift 's bombshell TIME Magazine interview was released this week. Swift, 33, who was named Time Magazine's Person of the Year , slammed Kim in her interview with the outlet for taking her 'down psychologically' and forcing her into hiding during their long-running feud. She also subtly branded the reality star and her ex-husband Kanye West as 'trash'.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly yet to apologise to Taylor Swift for the scandal, in which the former leaked a phone call of the latter talking to Kanye West. 

The singer claimed that her dispute with the star 'took her down psychologically' and forcing her into hiding before branding her and her ex-husband Kanye West 'trash.'

Florida boy, 3, is killed by oncoming car going 65 mph after running into traffic while

Cayden Denny was with his mother, Cassandra Lyn Becher when a 2009 Honda Pilot struck the both of them. The toddler was pronounced dead and Becher broke her fibula, tendons and ligaments due to the collision. The family has launched two GoFundMe pages to raise money for the funeral and the Becher's medical expenses. A public memorial will be held at Pelican Beach Park's Satellite Beach in Florida

Foodies on X (formerly Twitter ) are angry and devastated at Chick-fil-A after the fast-food chain removed its popular 'seasonal spin' of an original chicken sandwich off its  menu.

Tim Ballard's wife has been added to a lawsuit accusing her husband of sexual misconduct, including alleged grooming and abuse within the anti-sex trafficking organization. 


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Ivanka Trump shows off her slender legs in a revealing white mini dress as she and Jared

The former First Daughter, 42, enjoyed a day out with her husband, Jared, also 42, on Wednesday, attending the annual art fair followed by a star-studded party to celebrate the start of the event. She looked fashionable for the outing, donning a chic white gown that left her long limbs on full display. Later on in the evening, the pair partied the night away at a celebration honoring the artists participating in this year's Art Basel alongside a slew of other celebrity guests like artist Myles Shear, footballer Braxton Berrios, and social media star Alix Earle. She changed into a pink dress for the party, which she paired with some black tights and matching heels.


Exclusive DailyMail.com photos show the homeless filling the streets in San Francisco's Tenderloin District where vagrants regularly relieve themselves on the sidewalk.

Jordan Egbert took a voyage down south with his wife and he filmed part of his adventure to offer travelers a taste of what they can expect from polar plunges to a stop at the southernmost post office.

Black Alabama man, 24, tasered by white cop shouting 'shut your b**** ass up' is freed from jail and planning $20 million lawsuit as his scowling mugshot is released

Officer Dana Elmore was seen on camera swearing and tasing Micah Washington, 24, with a stun gun while he was in handcuffs. He was booked at Pickens County jail and charged with trafficking fentanyl, but the charge was later dropped. Washington's attorney plans to file a $20 million lawsuit on his behalf. Elmore, who is from the Reform Police Department in Pickens County, has since been placed on leave.

Eating chocolate may slow down cognitive decline in people at high risk of dementia, an NIH-funded study from researchers at Mass General Brigham Hospital in Boston suggests.

Chris Williams, Microsoft's former VP of HR, advised laid-off employees to consider their options before signing severance documents and take certain steps to land their next job.

Exercising during your period makes no difference in how well you perform during a workout, a review from researchers in Canada, England, and Australia suggests.

Obese people in white collar jobs earn significantly less than their slimmer counterparts, figures show. An analysis found men with a BMI over 30 earned five percent less.

Billionaire Silicon Valley CEO behind California's 'utopian city' is heckled at fiery town meeting as he refuses to drop $510M lawsuit against ranchers he claims conspired to jack up property prices

At the Tuesday meeting, Former Goldman wunderkind Jan Sramek, 36, addressed a crowd of about 150 ranchers, before declaring his company, California Forever, would not be dropping a $510million lawsuit against property owners. The suit alleges price fixing on the part of the farmers, of the lands the company wanted to buy. The 50,000 acre area is rife with grassland, and is near a hamlet of 10,000 people on the Sacramento River called Rio Vista. At the meeting at the American Legion hall, accusations that Sramek's Silicon Valley firm - already the largest property in the county - were displacing residents were rife, with several citing their families' history in the region. Toward the end of the assembly, Sramek engaged in a lengthy exchange with one of the families California Forever is suing, remaining adamant he would not be rescinding his lawsuit.

Beauty pro Madison Prettyman, based in California, revealed her incredible 'no makeup' makeup look that included a mix of high-end and affordable products for sensitive skins.

Nicholas Rossi (pictured), 36, who is facing charges for allegedly raped a 21-year-old in Utah in 2008, lodged an appeal against the extradition order earlier this year with the High Court.

A study led by the University of Bath claims that high-powered professionals go through four distinct emotional stages throughout their careers.

Amit Patel, who worked for the Jaguars for five years, is charged with one count of wire fraud and one count of illegal monetary transaction in documents filed in U.S. District Court in Jacksonville.

Last survivor of Pearl Harbor's USS Arizona remembers the 'awful devastation' of Japanese

Louis A. Conter, now aged 102, was just 20 years old when Japan 's warplanes entered the sky above the US naval base in Honolulu, Hawaii on December 7, 1941. 'Aloha. There's one thing you've got to remember and that's to remember Pearl Harbor,' he said on Thursday in a taped message used to commemorate the 'Day of Infamy's' anniversary. More than 2,400 people were killed in the surprise attack that survivors remembered in events across the nation.

Nik Bowers, an author and former principal based in Texas, has worked with students from preschool to college for more than 20 years and specializes in middle school teaching. She has 11,000 followers.

At least two people have died following the atmospheric rivers that have swamped Washington state and Oregon with floodwater in the last few days.


Laura Bray, a mom from Florida, learned of the drug shortage first-hand when her daughter (left) was diagnosed with leukemia and the hospital ran out of the $10 drug she needed for treatment.

US reveals it's wiped out four ISIS terrorists and detained THIRTY-THREE during 40 missions in Iraq and Syria last month: Captured commandos include terror cell plotting to spring MORE jihadists from Middle East jails

Central Command said that last month they managed to kill three ISIS operatives, and detain 14 others while in Iraq as their work in the Middle East to eradicate ISIS continues. In a statement, they said these targeted efforts had been to disrupt operations by two terror cells in the region. One cell was reportedly responsible for planning attacks on prisons in Syria in an attempt to free prisoners held there.

EVs with batteries that contain materials sourced from China will no longer be eligible for the $7,500 tax credit from January 1, 2024, according to new IRS guidelines.

The 57-year-old unnamed woman from Waukesha, west of Milwaukee, took a single bullet to her right butt cheek when the firearm she was carrying got too close to the MRI machine.

Jewish leaders say Chanukah celebration will go on as planned despite rise in antisemitism

Menorah lightings are taking place all over the country as the world continues to grapple with the atrocities of the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel and rising anti-Semitism. On Thursday night, thousands are expected to gather for the New York City candle lighting ceremony near The Plaza Hotel - 5th Avenue and 59th Street - to watch 'the World's Largest Menorah,' a towering-36-foot menorah - light up on the first night of Chanukah. 'Instead of hiding, in the face of antisemitism Jews around the world are doubling down on their identity and observance,' Chabad Rabbi Motti Seligsonsaid.

An alert issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned clinicians to test patients for the virus if they had returned from the area within the last 21 days.

Winewizard is an aeration device, invented by Colchester-based Michael Pritchard MBE, that removes the impurities that cause you to feel rough after drinking.

Amnesty International found security forces used rape and sexual violence to torture, punish and traumatise protesters arrested as part of the Tehran regime's crackdown.

The federal marshal, who has not been identified, allegedly 'acted inappropriately toward at least one woman on board' a flight from NYC to London, according to law enforcement officials.

US to conduct military flights over Guyana as fears of a Venezuela invasion grow

The U.S. is putting on a show of force in the skies above Guyana on Thursday, as the Biden administration said it was standing with the country amid growing fears that Venezuela was about to launch an invasion. It comes after Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro raised the stakes by ordering maps to be withdrawn and telling state companies to exploit contested oil and mineral deposits. The dictator has ramped up his rhetoric, claiming a Sunday referendum gave him a clear mandate to claim sovereignty over Guyana's oil rich region of Essequibo.

Joe Bright, 57, was fined for failing to feed and water five of his contained animals. On July 31, Bright reported that five of his horses were supposedly poisoned on his ranch in Shawnee, Wyoming.


A secret migrant facility in Texas has been kept from the public, even though it's being paid for with taxpayers, and used to hide San Antonio's migrant crisis, DailyMail.com can exclusively reveal.

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The water levels have seen a significant drop. The number of vessels allowed to pass since August has slowly been decreased from 36 to 32 per day to address the issue.

Chicken Run: Dawn Of The Nugget review - You'll wish these chickens the best of cluck in this eggscelent sequel... I give it FIVE STARS! writes BRIAN VINER

BRIAN VINER: Every so often a film comes along that makes you smile even before you've seen it, purely on account of the title. Who wouldn't flock to a second Shaun The Sheep caper, once they knew it was called Farmageddon (2019)? And now Aardman Animations have pulled it off again with their Chicken Run sequel, exquisitely subtitled Dawn Of The Nugget. The original was Aardman's first feature-length film, back in 2000. As it happens, that more or less coincided with my family moving from London deep into the English countryside, where (like all townies relocating to the sticks) we promptly added a collection of hens to our rural idyll. We invited the children to name them. To nobody's surprise, given how much we all adored Chicken Run, they became Ginger, Babs, Bunty and Mac.

It may have been a tough year for TV with the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, but there were still some compelling series that kept viewers tuning in. Rotten Tomatoes has ranked these shows.

Tallene Hacatoryan, 31, from California, has nearly 900,000 followers on TikTok, where she opens up about how she reversed her PCOS symptoms, which included weight gain and acne.

Jeremy Medina, 18,has been pronounced brain dead, nearly two weeks after he was accidentally struck in the head with a bat and placed in an induced coma.

Researchers in Nebraska and Canada found that lignans in flaxseed led to a lower chance of developing breast cancer due to the relationship they have on the gut microbiome.



Woman who hasn't worn a bra in FIVE YEARS hits back at critics who say ditching the under garment will make her boobs 'SAGGY' - claiming it has actually helped her breasts to get 'more perky'

Kaylee is a US-based content creator who has hit back at trolls who shamed her for 'freeing her cherries'  - as she revealed that ditching bras will make your boobs 'more perky.' She is a US-based software engineer and photographer who frequently flaunts her figure online to her more than 182,000 TikTok followers. Although she loves showing off her petite frame, Kaylee doesn't ever give viewers a glimpse at her face - instead focusing on using her platform to discuss her stance on 'setting free' your breasts by never wearing bras.

Betelgeuse, a 'Red Sun' 642.5 light-years away, will disappear for 12 seconds this Monday night. The bright supergiant star will be masked by an ultra-rare asteroid 'occultation'

Brint Davy, from Austin, Texas, appeared on a recent episode of Caleb Hammer's Financial Audit on YouTube. He explained how he is thousands of dollars in debt, but is not willing to cut back.

IKEA customers are left horrified after discovering it has DOUBLED price of a couch since

Jilian Dee, a small business owner based in Los Angeles, went viral on TikTok after stitching @loljustmark's video about the Swedish furniture giant's 'crazy' prices. Mark, a construction and home décor expert, pointed out that IKEA's Finnala sofa and chaise now costs a whopping $1,599, saying he wouldn't pay more than $700 for it. When the footage cut to Jilian, she was pulling out a stack of IKEA catalogs, determined to find the price of the couch before inflation.


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On the naughty list! Brazilian news outlets fooled by prank video that showed man dressed as Santa Claus being arrested

Multiple news outlets in Brazil ran a story Wednesday about a Santa Claus seen on video being arrested for robbery when the incident was a prank recorded by a group of social media influencers. But it all turned out to be holiday hijinks done by social media influencers. Rafael Chocolate, who has more than 856,000 followers on Instagram, promised to upload a full video of the production on YouTube on Thursday. 'Due to all the repercussions, we will do our best to publish the video of this operation tomorrow on the channel,' he said on an Instagram Story

A species of sea cucumber from the Philippines contains molecules that have been shown in lab testing to kill human liver cancer cells. More experiments are needed to confirm these properties.

Whether it's at the end of a tough pilates routine or part of a brutal HIIT class, everyone loves to hate burpees. However, US TikTokers have found a way to make the practice more manageable.

Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy 'can't understand the anger', while Keegan Bradley branded it

The already-fractured landscape of golf was rocked once again Wednesday but rather than the continuous feud between LIV Golf and the PGA Tour, it was the sport's rule makers that threatened the peace. The golf world was left further divided when proposals to 'roll back' the ball at all levels of the sport were finally confirmed. Following a three-year 'notice and comments' period, golf's governing bodies revealed concrete plans to ban current golf balls from 2028 for professional players and 2030 for recreational golfers as a means of shortening hitting distances and safeguarding courses. The highly contentious move has split professionals down the middle with some favoring the intervention by the R&A and United States Golf Association, while others hit back in fury. But what does it mean for recreational golfers?